OPUS LAP Project

Centre for Programmable Biological Matter

OPUS LAP Project

NCN OPUS LAP Project on nanoscale effect, three-dimensional ordering of proteins and its effects on biological and therapeutic activity

What is it about?

In this project we are constructing a variety of nanoscale cages bult from various biological molecules and testing the effect of attaching molecules at the external surface on biological activity

We are happy to work with our Slovenian partners, the laboratory of Prof. Ario de Marco at the University of Nova Gorica

Why is it important?

Cage like biological materials at the nanoscale have potentially useful properties such as the delivery of cargoes to cells. However, the interaction of such cages with biological systems depends on the type, number and arrangement of externally facing molecules which form the points of contact between the cages and the biological system such as a cell. By demonstrating that we can modify cages with externally attached molecules so that they are effectively able to interface with targets we hope to produce particles that can be developed for useful functionality and, as a result, understand more about the principles underlying effective nano-cage decoration strategies.