CPBM Team Building Event

Centre for Programmable Biological Matter

CPBM Team Building Event

Durham, UK — Our dynamic and innovative research group, recently concluded a successful two-day team building event. The event aimed to foster collaboration, celebrate achievements, and strengthen bonds among team members.

Day 1: On-Campus Presentations and Team Building

On the first day, Lab members gathered on campus for a series of engaging presentations. Diverse team members showcased their current research projects, sharing insights and discoveries. The event also featured a team-building session led by Lizzie Amies from Human Resources and Organisation Development. Participants expressed their gratitude to Lizzie for her valuable contribution.

Day 2: Beamish Museum Adventure

The excitement continued on day two as the team embarked on an off-campus adventure at Beamish Museum. Against the backdrop of historical exhibits and picturesque surroundings, team members presented their work, sparking lively discussions and new ideas. The day concluded with a thrilling murder mystery activity, where everyone played detective to unravel clues and solve the fictional crime. Additionally, team members explored the museum, visited the charming animal farm, and indulged in delectable sweets and chocolates from the museum’s delightful shops.

Our Lab leader, Prof Jonathan Heddle, expressed his satisfaction with the event, emphasising the importance of fostering camaraderie and creativity within the team. The two days allowed the team to connect with each other and recharge enthusiasm for ground-breaking research.

The team looks forward to future events that continue to strengthen bonds and inspire innovative breakthroughs.