Official positions will open up from time to time Currently open or about to be open positions are listed below:

  • One PhD position to work with Soumyanda Chakraborti in the lab who has has been awarded a presitgious Homing Fellowship from FNP to carry out a new and exciting bionanoscience project entitled "A Programmable Modular, Molecular “Ball-and-Glove” with Potential for Drug Delivery". As part of the project he will be funding a PhD to join the lab to work on the project You can download application details for the PhD position here Closing date is September 5th 2017.

  • One technician (full time) and one Masters student to work with Yusuke Sakai in the Heddle Lab on a POLONEZ funded project to build and test novel DNA origam nanorobots for medical application. Start dates in September 2017. All positions are fully funded with salaries/stipends. More details are here

  • As part of our FNP-TEAM grant awarded to carry out ground-breaking research to design and build DNA origami - protein hybrid machines for use in constructing artificial cells, we will be recruiting three postdoctoral scientists, two PhD students and one masters student. All to start in September 2017. The research will be carried out in collaboration with the Max Planck Institute for Medical Research, Heidelberg, Germany. All positions are fully (and generously) funded. You can download application details for Masters student position, the First PhD student position (DNA nanoscience), and the Second PhD student position (protein nanoscience). Closing dates are August 10th.

  • One technician (part time) to research unusual gyrases funded by OPUS, is now available. The work is relevant to diseases such as malaria and toxoplasmosis and, it is hoped, will contribute towards development of new treatments. Deadline for applications: August 7th, 2017 . Download the full details

  • The Heddle Lab is searching for a postdoctoral researcher interested in designing and building novel nanomachines and structures using biological molecules (protein, DNA, lipids). This is a fully-funded, full time position and will be officially announced soon. The sucessful candidate will be granted significant freedom to pursue their own research ideas. Deadline for applications: September 15th 2017 (subject to change) . Download the full application details

  • The Heddle Lab is searching for a technical assistant (full or part time). The successful candidate will assist the members of the lab in all areas including significant administrative duties. Deadline: August 1st 2017 Download the full application details.